Originally from Italy, I have studied in both Italy and the US and I have been living in the US for 34 years. I am completely bilingual and in tune with both cultures.

I have been involved in translation for 23 years.  Although I have translated a myriad of  projects in all areas, literary subjects have always been my favorites.

A scholar of the Arts in  Italy, then in the US, I continue to grow through the challenges of literary translation.

My most recent literary accomplishments are Tesio: In His Own Words, the translation of Marco Saya’s selected poems,  The Átopon Valley, a translation of  Fabio Marzocca’s novel La Valle di Átopon, and the translation of songs for tenor Marius Evangelista as well as lyrics by another well-known American producer. Other literary accomplishments include the translation of Giuseppe Zanotti’s Anonimo del Siam as well as the translation of other short stories.

 The Átopon Valley by Fabio Marzocca is now for sale as an e-book (Kindle version) . If you are interested in learning more about the translation of Federico Tesio’s book, please visit the the Russel Meerdink publishers’ websiteI also translated another exciting book, Baltika, by Diego Moroso, a must-read by all accounts.

I also translate in other fields, such as history, marketing, tourism, social sciences, gastronomy, etc. Much more information to come….stay tuned…..